Ham Salad Sandwiches

Ham salad is an old Anglo-Saxon favorite. It is a very important part of the British diet. As it was in ancient Rome, so it is in much of the world today: a healthy ham is eaten on its own or added to other foods. Ham is very lean and serves as a meat alternative in salad dressings. It is one of those salads that have taken on a life of its own, as it is available in most supermarkets and is almost a staple food for American lunchrooms.

The name “ham salad sandwich” may sound like a foreign name for something so familiar, but it is an example of how food can be well known and yet seemingly unfamiliar at the same time. It originated in England, more specifically in the South Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom. There it was called “pommes frites” which in modern language means “good French fries”. Ham is used to season the fries in this dish; a classic combination is ham salad with French fries.

sandwich cold

A ham salad sandwich is usually served cold, though some restaurants may elect to soften the ham prior to serving. In that case the roll will be prepared before the guests arrive, the frying of the ham salad recipe and then the fresh vegetables and ham salad sandwich are both served to them. Most people prefer the latter and enjoy the ham salad sandwich chilled as well as prepared. Some choose to have it warm or at room temperature instead.

The base of any good sandwich is an excellent selection of vegetables and maybe even a few types of cheeses. Often a mix of green and yellow bell pepper and onions along with thinly sliced ham and a lightly toasted piece of bread is the basis of this popular dish. Using crisp thin slice of bread, is important to help maintain that balance of flavor and thickness in these thin slices of bread. Many people opt for a special bread that is specially made for the purpose of making a sandwich such as the one being made here.

Cucumber and dill make a wonderful combination in a salad recipe. Cucumber adds brightness of flavor to the salad while dill also adds a delightful flavor to the salad. Dill can be used both in a vinegar based dressing to dress up the salad or by itself as a regular additive to the recipe. As for the actual dressing, this recipe calls for a simple mixture of mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill, paprika, salt and black pepper.

Making a ham salad may seem like a fairly straightforward task however, there are certain things you need to take into account to create the most successful recipe. One factor you need to keep in mind is the thickness of the slices of bread you use in this recipe. It is also important to carefully mix the ingredients in a mixing bowl in order to ensure that they are all properly combined before placing them in your mouth. By following this guide, creating this popular recipe should be easy and memorable for you and your guests.